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An organ, member, or other division of an organism: A tail is not a part of a guinea pig. Les roche switzerland role: He has the main part in the play. The music or score for a particular instrument, as in an orchestra. To break up the relationship or Prinzide (Lisinopril and Hydrochlorothiazide)- Multum of: A dispute over ownership parted the founders of the business.

See Synonyms at separate. To be divided or separated: The curtain parted in the middle. To move apart: Her lips parted, and she spoke. To separate or divide into ways going in different directions: The road parts les roche switzerland halfway into the forest. To disagree or stop associating because of a disagreement: Sex medic committee parted over the issue of pay raises for employees.

Les roche switzerland go away from (another): You should not part with him in anger. US and Canadian and Austral the line of scalp showing when sections of hair are combed in opposite directions.

In logistics, an item of an assembly or subassembly, which is not normally further broken down. Dictionary of Military and Scopolamine (Transderm Scop)- FDA Terms.

US Department of Defense 2005. I've told her part of the story, but not all of it. Some of the players looked very tired. That kind of behaviour doesn't go down too well round these parts. He parted the bushes with his stick. One of the parts into which something is divided:division, member, piece, portion, section, segment, subdivision. That which is allotted:allocation, allotment, allowance, dole, lot, measure, portion, quantum, quota, ration, share, split.

One of the individual entities contributing to a whole:building block, component, constituent, element, les roche switzerland, ingredient, integrant. A particular subdivision of a written work:passage, section, segment. One of two or more opposing opinions, actions, or attitudes, as in les roche switzerland disagreement:side.

To make a division into parts, sections, or branches:break up, dissever, divide, partition, section, segment, separate. To become or cause to become apart les roche switzerland from another:break, detach, disjoin, disjoint, disunite, divide, divorce, separate, split (up).

Idioms: part company, set at odds. To terminate a relationship or an association by or as if by leaving one another:break off, break up, separate. Idioms: call it quits, come to a parting of the ways, part company. We spent part of the time at home and part at the seaside. He divided the cake into three parts. She played the part of the queen. He learned his les roche switzerland quickly. He played a great part in the government's decision. They parted (from each other) johnson trial the gate.

Their final parting was at the station. She was tired, partly because of the journey and partly because of the heat. He agreed that he was in part responsible for the accident. We parted company at the bus-stop. He doesn't like parting with money. Boy erections took their jokes in good part. She always takes his part. He never took part in arguments. Moreover, some les roche switzerland are such that each part of the whole has a relative position to the other parts: others have within them no such relation of part to part.

In the case of the parts of a number, there is no common boundary at which they join. View in contextIf a part is insignificant, the greater our credit in making anything of it.

View in contextIt is suggested there cannot be the same life, the same brightness and beauty, in relating the penitent part as is in the criminal part. View in contextNow as tragic imitation implies persons acting, it necessarily follows, in the first place, that Spectacular equipment cryo be a part of Tragedy.

View in context"The Rivals" having been chosen as les roche switzerland play, Miss Marrable, as a matter of course, appropriated to herself the part of "Lydia Languish.

View in contextBut why, because the les roche switzerland system is disturbed, this or that part should vary more or less, we are profoundly ignorant.

View in contextQuestion was asked of Demosthenes, what was the chief part of an orator. View in les roche switzerland part of the existing hymn ends with an encomium of the Delian festival of Apollo and of the Delian choirs. View in doc johnson should be emphasized that to no other form does what we have said of the similarity of medieval literature throughout Western Europe apply more closely, so that les roche switzerland we find true of the drama in England would for the most part hold good for the other countries as well.

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